Student Gallery

Some of the magic work produced by my students via classes and kits, more to be added soon!

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“Jen’s embroidery kits are like mini-classes with her. They will teach you techniques you would be hard pressed to find in other kits, and she will help you through the process of stitching if needed. I doubt  would have stuck with pulled white work and really learnt it without her kits and her assistance.”


“Jen is very accessible to her students and is always there to help if you are stuck. I highly recommend picking up a few of her kits to try them out. You will learn something new in each kit that will stick with you and help your embroidery to evolve to the next level.”


“Jen’s goldwork kits are wonderful and have every hard to find supply you need. The instructions show how to each step in an easy to understand way. She is able to combine different styles of embroidery such as blackwork, goldwork and whitework all in one kit to maximize both beauty and learning.”