Fine Whitework roundel – Thursday 3pm – 9pm




This coming year will see an ambitious whitework project being worked across the year. 10 day classes over 12 months will allow plenty of time for the essential homework to be stitched to allow the project to progress between sessions. This image shows how you piece will look partway through term two.

  • Term one will consist of 3 day classes dedicated to pulledwork. Pulledwork is the grounding for much of this design and needs to be in position before most of the more complex elements of this Whitework design can be stitched.
    • Term one classes run from 3pm – 9pm Thursday 27th Jan, 24th Feb, 31st March
  • Term two will consist of 4 day classes and will focus on the surface embroidery and layering fabric. This design has many areas of padded satin stitch, trailing, ladder stitch, long and short as well as other decorative stitches to add detail.
    • Term two classes run from 3pm – 9pm Thursday 28th April, 27th May, 30th June, 28th July
  • Term 3 will consist of 3 day classes, these classes will focus on drawn thread techniques and cutting away areas of fabric to expose single layers of linen and embroidered net.
    • Term three classes run from 3pm – 9pm Thursday 29th Sept, 27th Oct, 24th Nov

All classes will be run online via zoom, these sessions will be recorded and these recordings plus additional supporting materials will be accessible via a dedicated online teaching environment.

It is possible to sign up term by term. Kits are optional, the kits contain everything needed for each term. Alternatively a materials list will be provided listing the specialist materials needed to work the design each term.

Another class will be running  on a Friday 10am-4pm.

Additional information

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Roundel 3-9

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