£10 kit sale




A Jen Goodwin Embroidery sale is almost unheard of……… however, I there are a number of retired kits knocking around embroidery towers as well as a number of kits with the older branding. So roll on the one off lucky dip sale!

These kits might be missing a front cover, there might be needles missing or possibly a piece of fabric that needs replacing, I really do not have time to check the contents of every box. However, all of these kits are going on sale for £10 each just so I can make room for new stock and rebranded kits. This means each kit box has been heavily discounted and therefore I will not be offering refunds on them.

The kits are listed by technique only, the design you will receive is very much a lucky dip. If more than one kit is ordered I will do my best to ensure different designs are sent out.

Kits go on sale at 6pm Friday 9th April and once they are gone they are gone!

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Lucky Dip Sale

Crewelwork, Intro to Embroidery, Blackwork, Canvas