Embroidery is ‘the art of working raised and ornamental designs in threads of silk, cotton, gold, silver or other material upon any woven fabric, leather, paper or similar surface with a needle’.

The techniques favoured by Jen all have historic backgrounds, each with their own unique properties. Her tool kit contains all of the traditional equipment and her studio is furnished with a tradition set of adjustable wooden trestles for the slate frames to rest upon; the same way stitchers have embroidered for hundreds of years.

So what makes Jen different?
Her unique approach to embroidery; traditional embroidery meets modern design. Contemporary embroidery should still be technique driven!

Within each kit box you will find everything you will to recreate the embroidery sample.

The fabric supplied will usually be preprinted however some techniques are worked with a tissue transfer instead. You will also find a generous amount of the different threads used, needles appropriate for the embroidery being worked and a detailed instruction booklet.


All kits are also labelled with the suggested skill level to help you choose the most appropriate project for you to work.

If in doubt email Jen to discuss the options available to you