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Art embroidery and commissions

I enjoy creating art embroidery more than anything, it is my favourite element of my embroidery practice. These pieces are tricky, complex and definitely not intended to become embroidery kits for the wider public, if I am being challenged by my work then I know others will struggle too. Embroidery is often seen as a crafting hobby rather than an art form of its own. This is a common misconception that I would like to alter, even if I can only alter the opinion of a few people.

It is very easy to forget the complexities of some traditional techniques if they are not revisited periodically, by revisiting techniques I am able to expand my own skill set and as well as enhancing my teaching practice. This thinking outside of the box mentality is very beneficial in the classroom.

I aim to work 2-3 art pieces per year to explore just how far I can stretch my technical skills while creating something engaging. I love seeing people in my studio questioning how pieces have been created with a needle and thread.

When designing an art embroidery piece I tend to choose the technique I fancy working first before honing down my design choices. These designs are chosen solely with my own entertainment in mind, if others like the embroidery I am creating this is an excellent added bonus.

While these pieces are not used as embroidery kits they are still used in my work, however they are the images used across my product range. The product range can be found in both my studio at Walford Mill Crafts and in my website shop.