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Over the coming 12 months three interlinked distance classes are being launched classes to cover the three different variations of this traditional technique, natural silk shading of a flower, tapestry shading of a person followed by the fluffy shading of a lion. You can choose to work the projects individually picking whichever interests you or you can decide to sign up for all three and progress through each developing your skills as you go, if you sign up for all three in advance you will save £20 per class.

The first kit for the iris will contain 25 different stranded cottons, pre-printed orange silk (alternative colours can be arranged, please get in touch), a calico stabiliser and an instruction booklet full of colour diagrams. The sample is currently being worked, keep an eye on social media to see progress of this up coming project.

The class starts on Sunday 7th October and will run for 8 weeks. Each week a new set of videos will be sent out to help guide your stitching and full email support is available for individual guidance and feedback as required.

In spring 2019 a tapestry shaded figure will be embroidered, starting on Sunday 27th January and will run for 8 weeks. Tapestry shading is silk shading worked vertically with the folds and creases of the clothing being created with shading and split stitch edges alone. The biggest quirk with tapestry shading is establishing an order of work to ensure a three dimensional perspective is achieved. This is how saints were worked historically and is a very undervalued variation of this popular technique.

In the summer the final class will be running, starting on Sunday 28th April and will run for 8 weeks. The  lion class will focus on textural shading to create dramatic movement through the mane along with fine detailed stitching to create the facial features. Stitching animals can be one of the most freeing forms of hand embroidery but it can also be some of the most challenging. Understanding the order of work mixed with the unpredictable angle changes are going to be considered here!

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